Gone But Never Forgotten

We are too heartbroken to write The Bitz's Eulogy ..... I dont know if I will ever be able to.  We lost our Itzy Bitzy in July suddenly and had to make the horrible decision to let him go even though he fought hard the last two days of his life.  

Miss Hope

Special Needs Girl


Little Miss Hope was the first puppy that was born to our Misty Girl whom we have since retired.  Hope came out looking healthy and normal however Mommy did NOT want anything to do with her, and tried eating her.  Later we found out why, the little princess was born blind and has severe curvature of the spine.  She did real good, and acted just like the rest of the gang, however until we noticed her belly was getting HUGE, and her body was getting very thin, we brought her in to only find out she had cancer so the best thing for her was to let her go.


Miss Meshik was our biggest baby.  She LOVES Gordy, which she should, she was Gordy's Birthday Present many years ago.


Meshik loves to talk, to be bossy, and will eat chickens.  She does get along with our cats, so that's a good thing.  


We tried to re home her, but she wanted to come back home so bad, she ran away TWICE, so we drove through a snow storm through the mountains to pick her up, and we brought her back home to be with us furever , unfortunately her furever didnt last as long as we thought.  

She was loving life, doing great, hogging the bed, and on a Sunday afternoon she had gotten into the garbage, and was violently sick late Sunday night, we brought her into the vet right away on Monday because we thought for sure she had an obstruction and after dealing with Callie and Mable, we did NOT want to wait too long, so they did exploratory surgery to find out her liver was completely filled with cancer that had merged into her organs and intestines.  There was nothing they could do for her :( It was a shock, and a heartbreak but we can say that she lived a happy life until the very end.

Callie &  Mabel both passed from chewing on cloth toys that cut their intestines :(  Such a tragic loss of these two precious young souls.  But a hard lesson to learn....NO MORE CLOTH TOYS allowed.

Meishka was a bossy little thing that adored the Bitzy.  She thought she was as big as him.
She loved to teach puppies manners, and to sit on top of the couch, chair, etc., to keep an eye out to see who she could scold.  
I miss her raspy voice.

Our first female, Nunya came to us from Alan and Barb Wiebelhaus.  

Unfortunately Nunya's life was cut short due to a TRAGIC accident, and a day still doesn't go by without me thinking of our single blued angel.

Alan and Barb have become more then our mentors, they are truly a blessing in our lives, and we are proud to call them our friends.