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                           will be retiring this winter. 


Even though she is going to stop making babies, we will forever keep her here.  She gives the most special hugs and kisses.  She is quite the hunter, she will stalk anything that moves, including a snake!  She spends her day hunting, sun bathing and running! 

ALASCO'S OGALA grey and white female one of her eyes blue and one eye is part blue and part brown.. born out of Alasco's Selawyn and Alasco's Tungutok. Parentage has been verified by DNA.  Both parents are normal for Factor VII so she is normal by descent.

Ogala is a beautiful toy who has the most PROUD gait!  I wish I had more time to take her to shows to help her to win the titles she deserves! 

She is extremely timid, but loves me and to be petted as long as there aren't too many other Klee Kai around.

 Meiko is a fantastic g/w factor CLEAR female who is red factored.  She gives us puppies that are grey, black , or red.  

She is a cuddler, a talker, and pretty out going.





This beatiful girl came to us from HOT AKK, thank you Barbara and Mark in trusting us with this girl!

Bella is all around PERFECT!  She loves people, she smiles, and she LOVES the snow and eating ice!

will rehome



B/W Double Brown Eyed beautiful girl

Miya is so sweet and loving!  She is funny, fun and such a bright personality.  She makes us laugh every day with her alert stance and funny talking

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